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Dear Friend,

I want you to think back 10, 20, 30 years or even 40 years back... when you're a young man of 20 years old, how was sex back then?

If you're like most men, I am pretty sure your answer would be... "well, as far as sex is concerned, it was the best in my life when I was a 20 year old guy".

Now, I want you to put that thought aside and consider the possibility you can have even better sex than you ever had before... right now, today.

"How is that possible?" You asked? Isn't low sex drive, a weak erection, and a non-fanfare orgasm part and parcel of aging? Something that is usual and inevitable as we grow older?

Well, 'usual'? Yes. But 'inevitable'? No.

You see, the above symptoms (low sex drive, a weak erection, and a non-fanfare orgasm) can be traced back to one root cause. That is... the decline of testosterone production and level.

Testosterone is the main male hormone in us that maintains muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, bone mass, sperm production, sex drive and potency.

In short, testosterone is what makes a Man a Man.

We reach our peak sexual capacity in our late teens. And from there on, its a downhill process. As we turn 30, the effects of decreasing testosterone become pronounced.

A gradual decrease in sexual responsiveness occurs. It will take longer for us to achieve full erection and direct and intense genital stimulation to maintain an erection. Orgasms and the feeling of ejaculatory inevitability become less intense. Semen volume decreases, which means less orgasmic pleasure. Our penis becomes softer faster after sex and it takes longer to regain another erection if at all. And the worst of the bunch, we lose interest in sex (low libido). Ouch!

All of this happens at the same time that testosterone production and levels decrease.

Testosterone production decreases with age due to a number of reasons: There is less luteinizing hormone (LH) from the pituitary to stimulate the testicular production of testosterone. With age, there are either fewer or less responsive Leydig cells in the testicles to produce testosterone. There is also an increase in the concentration of a blood protein SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) that binds testosterone and reduces the activity of testosterone that does exist. There is less tissue production of DHT that is critically necessary to full male sexual function and bodily well being. And finally, the testosterone receptors in the cells are less sensitive to even the same levels of testosterone.

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The Dangers of Exogenous (external and synthetic) Testosterone Replacement Therapy

One of the most undesirable side effects of exogenous testosterone replacement therapy is the shrinkage of the male genitals, the penile and testes. The medical term for the condition is "testicular atrophy". With prolonged usage, your penis will shrink to the size of your little finger.

Now imagine this. You get a high sex drive with the testosterone replacement therapy, yes, but your erected penis is the size of your thumb. Not a very good scenario, isn't it?

As a matter of fact, the renowned Mayo Clinic lists the following side effects with exogenous (external and synthetic) testosterone replacement therapy:

I'm sure you agree with me. Its not pretty. However the number of prescriptions of testosterone replacement therapy has increase over the years. And the primary reason is I believe the lack of emphasis by doctors and pharmaceutical companies on the negative side effects of the treatment.

A Natural Herbal Supplement Boosts Your Testosterone Level by Threefold... Restoring it to Youthful Level... with no Side Effects
SD-200 - Nature's Most Potent Aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster



Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of a testosterone boost without all the ugly side effects of exogenous testosterone replacement.

Using a rare herb found only in the lush virgin tropical rainforest of Indonesia call Eurycoma Longifolia Jack, you can easily raise your testosterone level to youthful level and enjoy these benefits.

Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is the scientific name of the herb. It is more commonly known as Tongkat Ali. It has also been called Longjack or Pasak Bumi.

How Longjack Works Naturally Within Your Body To Boost Your Testosterone To Its Youthful Level

Let me briefly talk about Exogenous Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The term 'exogenous' means 'coming from external'. In other words, during such therapies, synthetic testosterone is introduced into your body and it starts to acts like your body's own testosterone. What happens next is your pituitary gland will signal to your Leydig cell and other testosterone synthesizing cell to stop testosterone production. The result: Penile shrinkage and testicular atrophy.

The mechanism of action of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack is the complete opposite.

First of all, it is not a synthetic testosterone product. It can't be since its a natural herb. What it does instead is... it increases your body's own testosterone production by stimulating the secretion of Luteinzing Hormones (LH) which in turns stimulate the Leydig cells of your testicles to produce testosterone.

Longjack also raises your body's levels of free testosterone. A large proportion of the testosterone that circulates in your body is bound by a protein call SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).

Testosterone that is bound to SHBG is considered ineffective. Only free testosterone exerts the effects that are attributed to the hormone: one androgenic (masculinizing and sexualizing, both physiologically and mentally, and thus enhancing libido) and the other anabolic (building tissue, mainly muscle).

How exactly Longjack increases free testosterone however is not known. One possible explanation is that Longjack’s active ingredients capture and bind SHBG and therefore prevent SHBG from capturing circulating free testosterone.

However, whatever the reason is... there is no doubt that in sufficient dosage and concentration increases your testosterone level. And the increase in testosterone level no doubts leads to:

SD-200 - Nature's Most Potent Aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster



Eurycoma Longifolia Jack Buying Rules So You Get The Best For Your Money

By now, I'm sure you are pretty excited and you want to get your hand on this exotic herb. Hang on there, turbo. There are a few things you must watch out for when buying Longjack online. Here they are:

  1. Look out for the extract version of the supplement
  2. Make sure the Tongkat Ali extract specifies the concentration. Too low, it doesn't work.
  3. Make sure that the only ingredient is Tonkat Ali
  4. And finally if possible, buy Indonesian and not Malaysia Tongkat Ali.

And even that isn't enough. It is important to also take note of the concentration of the extract. For example, an extract that is 1:50 means 50 gram of root is used to produced 1 gram of extract. An extract that is 1:100 uses 100 gram of root to produced 1 gram of extract. And 1:200 is even more concentrated with 200 gram of roots being used to produced 1 gram of extract. Thus among the various versions of extracts cited above, 1:200 is the most concentrated and potent.

Watch out if a product simply say 'Tongkat Ali extract' without specifying the extract strength. The concentration could be 1:5 or just 1:2. Technically it is still an extract. But therapeutically, it feels like nothing because the concentration just isn't high enough to have any impact on your body.

And finally, the topic of the Malaysian variation versus Indonesian one. First off, in Malaysia Tonkat Ali has been declared as a protected plant since 2001 and wild harvesting from its forest is illegal. There is also no plantation in Malaysia, any manufacturer who claims that their Tongkat Ali is from Malaysia is probably stretching the truth or perhaps breaking the law. Secondly, Malaysia's version has been found to be high in lead content, ranging from 10.64 to 20.72 ppm (parts per million). Compared to Indonesian variation, the lead content according to our independent test is just 0.08 ppm.

So, In What Ways is SD-200 (Our Very Own Longjack Supplement) Unique?

Here's what the renowned US Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) in its description of a research program for the quantitative measurement of the chemical or bioactive constituents of Eurycoma Longifolia said:

"The yield of the bioactive constituents is extremely low at less than 0.005%. Hence, they are not easily available for further studies and for commercial preparations. The plant also requires a longer time to produce the secondary bioactive metabolites and their biological activities may be derived from more than one of the constituents."

Two important points here to take note.

One, the bioactive ingredients of Eurycoma Longifolia is extremely low as stated by the researchers of MIT.

Next, the second part of MIT's statement: "The plant also requires a longer time to produce the secondary bioactive metabolites." This means only old roots of the herb have an effect. How old? Traditionally, only roots older than 10 years old are used by men to boost their sexual vitality.

The roots we're using to manufacture SD-200 are wild crafted from the natural rainforest of Sumatra, Indonesia. And only in Indonesia can this exotic herb still be found in its wild, natural habitat. In other words, it is also the only place in the world where old Tonkat Ali can be harvested.

In the production of SD-200, only roots that are 10 years or more are used.

And being aware that the bioactive ingredient of Tongkat Ali Extract is extremely low, the extract strength we use to produce SD-200 is the strongest in the market at 1:200. This means 200 gram of aged roots are used to produced 1 gram of extract.

SD-200 - Nature's Most Potent Aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster

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