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7 Things that happen once you turn 40

Posted by Sam Lee Harrison on

Getting older is a shock. You suddenly look down and you see your parents’ hands coming out your sleeves. There is sagging skin and the odd liver spot. You get out of bed and are met with a cacophony of creaks and groans – as bones click and you “oooof” yourself to sitting. Somewhere along the line you missed the point when you stopped being young and started being middle aged. You are secretly, or not so secretly, waiting for the grown up voice to appear in your head – and you are a little worried that now going to the toilet in the night is compulsory – you might never get that adult voice.

Things that happen once you turn 40

Here are some things that happen when you reach 40 and somebody should have really told you about…

Number 1: Hair… and not as you know it!

Unfortunately, this is not head hair – which is likely to be receding or thinning or both, and now disturbingly meeting in the middle. This is hair in ears and in nose and maybe even poky chin hairs. Your face starts to resemble an old house that has been left to rot with bits of ivy and weed wrapping around the crumbling bricks and mortar… OK… a small exaggeration – but just an exaggeration.

You are a little disturbed about the moment when you became your science teacher who could have plaited the nose hair. That teacher was known as Snotty Yeti and now this how you greet yourself each morning in the mirror!

Number 2: You scatter seeds all over your food and become obsessed with where the toilet is…

No longer do you enjoy the toileting regularity of youth and desperately scatter seeds and nuts everywhere – in the hope that a new healthy diet regime will rewrite the history of your youth. You can’t go out on a big night with the mates without organising three days of holiday from work to recover.

You are aware that foods result in grotesque wind that you thought your grandad faked when you pulled his finger – but is likely he always had a bit of hot air at the ready for your delight. Or, foods result in days of to-ing and fro-ing from the loo, smiling meekly to your colleagues who show sympathy at the results of the curry you ate at the weekend.

You become that person that goes for a wee – just in case – because you never know where the next toilet will be. You suspect your prostate is the size of a melon… and should really maybe go to the doctor or something…

Number 3: You grow jowls and other disturbing saggy bits

There is no doubt about it – there is no dignity after 40. You notice that you have saggy skin on your once chiselled chin. You spend at least 5 minutes stretching your skin back in an attempt to look younger and wondering if a bit of masking tape behind the ears will do the job or not.

Then, you look at your mid-drift – the place where you once had abs – you know you did at some point – maybe 30 seconds at the age of 22 after a vigorous burst of sit ups before footy. Now, though you seem to have enough spare tyres to support a 40-tonne rig.

Number 4: The days of being able to persuade yourself that pizza is your ‘five a day’ have gone…

Things that happen once you turn 40

You now know what it means to watch your weight… because you do spend a lot of time watching as you gain weight. You can get away with nothing – it is as if you might as well have trowelled the burger to your stomach rather than eat it. You know that a quarter pounder is going to transform into 2 pounds by the time it reaches your waistline.

Shots are no longer fun, as your kidney and liver both feel like they have been a victim of a drive by shooting afterwards… all in all, you now know the benefits of eating your vegetables and you really want to go back 30 years and say to your Mom “Fair enough – you know best!”

Number 5: You begin to notice your feet…

You start to get aching feet, even in comfy shoes and you suddenly really like comfy shoes. You have corns and callouses… You are pretty sure your big toe should not be that big. You toenail look a little more mustard and you begin to realise why Gramps wore socks with his sandals!

Number 6: You can watch another film in between love making sessions…

When before your best little man could pop back up for duty almost straight away – now you have to wait a good couple of hours before he is match fit again. The depressing moment when your wife lines up two films for your date night when before you were lucky to get through the trailers in an evening.

Even when your little guy is up and ready, he looks a little war weary – a little saggy to the side and he is not up to any lengthy play – early ejaculation is highly likely – so you have to get to work pretty quick. Your wife’s headache starts to become a bit of a relief and you stop buying the painkillers! This is mostly because you are worried that your little guy won’t come to the party at all – instead kind of just lying there saying – not tonight, dude – just a little too tired for words.

Number 7: No matter how hard you try, you can’t have that late baby you’d planned.

You visit the doctor and find that with age your semen has lost quality. There are now no longer enough sperm to guarantee pregnancy. You look guiltily to your wife and want to apologise – no one told you about the andropause. Like everyone else you thought you were fertile for life and so didn’t want to rush your younger wife into a family. Now, you wish you had started 10 years ago – when your little swimmers could do the front crawl rather that the doggy paddle.

So… what can you do about?

Things that happen once you turn 40

Now you feel thoroughly depressed, if you are just passing thirty and looking fearfully at 40 – or feeling relieved that these things are normal, if you are padding through the forties – it is time to offer you some advice. There is hope – quite a lot of it in fact. So, here are three supplements that might just do the trick.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is a great testosterone booster. The andropause begins after you are thirty. You gradually lose your testosterone for two reasons 1) You get more estrogen to help calm your urges and 2) You get more SHBG – sex hormone binding globule – which makes less testosterone available to your system. This is why you lose your sex drive, your erection is less fulfilling, lose your head hair and you gain a lot of weight around your middle area. So, this could answer three of your seven age-related concerns – hair, weight and your performance in the bedroom.

The supplement also works to increase fertility by boosting the amount of Leydig cells you have. So, it doesn’t stimulate your pre-existing Leydig cells to produce more testosterone, which will eventually mean you will stop producing testosterone altogether. Instead, it boosts the number of cells, which in turn boosts testosterone. So, there is no rebound effect and the health benefit is sustained. The Leydig cells also influence the quality of your semen, therefore Togkat Ali can help you fulfil your dreams of becoming a father later in life.

Prolonged use of Tongkat Ali is completely fine and, in fact, the effect builds up in the body and gradually becomes more effective over time. In 2012, there was a study of 76 men with hypogonadism – or impotence caused mostly by an enlarged prostate. Before the trial 35% of men had abnormally low testosterone. After using Tongkat Ali, 90% of the men’s testosterone levels had jumped to the normal range. The increase in testosterone can hold off some of the effects of age in men but also this group of men enjoyed a higher than normal fertility – 19% became fathers during the trial.


This is three supplement fight back against the effects of the andropause. There is a bioflavonoid called chrysin that has proven itself an effective inhibitor to the aromatase process – the process of estrogen overtaking testosterone in the body. In 1999, there was a study published in Biochemical Pharmacology (1999) that showed that Chrysin combined with piperine reduces estrogen and increases testosterone.

There are many studies that support the use of chrysin as an inhibitor to the aromatase process. One study in the Journal of Steroid Biochemical Molecular Biology (1993) found that it was the most potent inhibitor – better in potency and effectiveness than the drug proffered by pharmaceutical companies. The scientists also claimed that the aromatase-inhibiting effects of these flavonoids could also contribute to other cancer preventative effects.

Chrysin is one of the three components of AE-3, so this supplement fights for the sexual libido of men by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme, decreasing estrogen and increasing testosterone as well as offering anti-anxiety, anti-stress effects. This is one powerful supplement.

We also need to step in and stop testosterone being bound to SHBG. This means that testosterone is left biologically inactive – in other words – it might as well not be there in the first place. Therefore, it is no longer available to produce the sexual and anabolic effects that we love from our testosterone.   As we age we create more SHBG, as we gain estrogen we gain more SHBG – so as a result we lose our libido because we lose our testosterone.

Nettle root has a great effect on the levels of free testosterone. A study in Europe showed that it had a mechanism for reducing the binding of testosterone to the protein. This meant that there as more free testosterone available to the body. It is more effective than straight out testosterone therapy because it frees up the hormone from the protein. As an added benefit, nettle root also helps with the treatment of prostate problems – so stops that constant need to know where the toilet is now! So, nettle root is ingredient number 2 of 3 in AE-3.

Finally, the body needs to be drained of excess estrogen, if the effects on men’s libido is to be countered. Estrogen is responsible for so many of middle aged men’s worries – include baldness, middle aged spread and loss of sexual appetite. Estrogen is also linked to all sorts of cancer, heart disease and prostate problems. The answer is DIM (Diindolylmethane). DIM is produced when indole-3-carbinol is digested. I3C is found primarily in watercress, sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage. DIM has a potent effect on the liver but it can also inhibit aromatase enzyme and therefore prevent the creation of excess estrogen. DIM also has many anti-carcinogenic effects on the body. DIM has a pretty awesome mechanism. It is not estrogen, it is not a hormone, but as it metabolises so it helps estrogen to metabolise too. Therefore, this promotes a healthy balance of hormones in the body – now that really is clever!


The name of this supplement is actually Horny Goat’s Weed… yep… seriously! This supplement will rejuvenate your attitude to the bedroom. The animal studies alone should leave you in no doubt about the energy and life this supplement can give you. There is no need to stop having fun after 40 when there is GH-2 on the shelf in the shop!

The general belief is that the active ingredient in the herb, Icariin, inhibits the activity of PDE5 – which works to block the blood flow to the arteries in the penis. This is exactly how Viagra is designed to work. In theory, Horny Goat Weed is said to work better because it has fewer side effects than the chemically produced meds offered by science.


The upshot?

So, getting old is a fact of life – time passes! But, you don’t have to accept the changes to your body when nature has provided a helping hand. There is a hope that your body will last long enough for you to reach that grown up voice – but – why worry? Maybe the grown up voice is not all it’s cracked up to be either.

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