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How to Beat the Top 2 Male Health Problems

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Male health problems are the conditions that the majority of men face as they get older. We all face problems but there are certain stages in a man’s life when these problems are a bit too overboard. This could be depression or sexual problems during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevent a man or a couple from experiencing satisfaction. A sexual problem can prevent the man from engaging in sexual activity altogether.

With most things, knowledge and awareness bring with it the understanding of the solution. Therefore, let’s discuss the most prevalent male health problems and their solutions.

Depression and Suicide

Depression is often the catalyst of suicide and according to a research study by The National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated 6 million men suffer from depressive disorders every year. The sad part about this is that most men suffer depression without anyone knowing it.

It is just there like a silent shadow and since most men do not really share their grievances – because they are men – and it is their nature to not tell people, it plagues them without any help. The notion that boys do not cry has never helped those who suffer depression.

What makes men suicidal?

Suicide is deemed by a suicidal man to be the solution to a perceived emotional cataclysm. Suicide does not just happen. There is an underlying reason to it and most of it boils down to a sustained depression that has not been dealt with accordingly or has not been remedied. The best way to reduce and even reduce the risk of suicide is first, to take note how men act when they are suicidal. If you notice that a friend of yours has been withdrawing or wants to talk, acknowledge and talk to that person instead of ignoring because you will never know that that can make the difference between life and death.

A more practical way to address and know why men are suicidal is by addressing the cause of depression as most of the time, sustained depression is the major cause of suicide. Take note that when you notice the manifestations and causes of depression, you need to take action whether it is yourself or another person and seek professional help or talking to a friend will help you.

What are the causes of depression?

  • Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse both present and past can increase a person’s vulnerability and susceptibility to chronic depression
  • Work of personal conflict with friends or family members may also result in depression especially if the person is biologically susceptible to depression
  • The death of a friend or family member may increase the likelihood of depression
  • Medications or illegal drugs can cause depression. Antiviral drugs, anti-acne medications, and certain steroids may increase depression risk
  • A person’s genetics may also be a risk of depression. Our genes may also dictate the rationality or the regularity of our neurotransmitters, which dictate nervous impulses, cognition, as well as emotion
  • Depression can also co-exist due to the presence of an illness
  • Life events such as divorce, losing a job, or the simplicity of even losing a friend are personal tragedies that are causes of depression
  • Insecurities and feelings of inadequacies are causes of depression especially due to the demands of the society; this has been one of the leading causes of depression

Combating Depression

Depression and suicide can be dealt with first by being aware of what depression is. Most people actually think that depression happens only to the crazy ones. It can happen to anyone, no matter how healthy or how successful the person is. Depression can be dealt with by writing thoughts in a journal or by channeling your emotions through music, art, or any form of hobby where you may find release and solace.

Communicating to those you trust and perhaps taking supplements such as Tongkat Ali or other adaptogens may help alleviate it. Seek professional help when it goes overboard. And always know that help is around the corner when you look for it. Regular exercise can also help you feel good as it releases endorphins that induce that feel-good sensation. Yoga can also help improve your breathing and lower down levels of anxiety. If yoga seems too light for you, try boxing or martial arts where you can release your angst and frustration.

Another very practical way to combat depression is to watch a series of funny movies. Okay, you may be stubborn and primed to the feelings of depression and emotional loneliness. Try watching five extremely funny movies in a row. Not just one or two. Try five. If you have the time to sulk in depression, then you certainly have time to watch these movies because depression hardly happens in a body and mind that is constantly in motion. When you are preoccupied with a productive schedule and are in control, depression is not likely to chase you. But if you are in the state of having idle time, listening to sad, love songs, and thinking about the ex that got away like girls are prone to do, trust yourself to get a depression. Instead, watch five funny movies and we can guarantee you, you will start to feel good.

Sexual Health Problems

Sexual dysfunction in men is often very embarrassing for men to admit. Who would like to tell people that their masculinity is not as it once was? And aging can be very daunting in this respect. Sexual health problems can be a result of a physical or psychological problem. Aging or other medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, drug abuse, and hormonal imbalances, a disease in the liver and kidney, and alcoholism can bring about it other conditions which affect the sexual function and capacity of a man. Psychological causes may also be the reason of male health problems. It may be the depression, feelings of guilt, anxiety, marital problems, or the common one – stress.

As much as many hope that a fountain of youth could wash out the possibility of these conditions, at some point, men would suffer at least one of these conditions that lead to sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, retarded ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. As aging is something natural, shouldn’t we just welcome it with a stride? Not really.

Exercise and Physical Activity

We acknowledge that aging, indeed, brings with it wisdom as well as conditions, but, it does not mean that you do not have to try your best to live fully and beat this male health problem. Why not maintain your strength and sexual capacity, increase your vigor and feel good?

Exercise is one of the easiest and most tried and tested remedies to beating male problems. A body that sulks in laziness in front of TV shows is closer to the ground than the one who keeps leaping up. Researchers in India also found that men who ejaculate prematurely increased the duration of ejaculation after 12 weeks of practicing yoga for at least an hour. Research also shows that doing cardio regularly increases brain plasticity and efficiency.

When you have good mental health and good blood circulation, most of the good things follow. When your brain health is at its best, notice that your biomarkers of aging are low, your stress levels are low, you have high endorphins, and the neuron connection becomes efficient. When you also have less stress, the body also gets to produce more testosterone, which remedies most of your male health-related problems.

A Balanced Nutrition

Another thing that can help you in terms of male health is your diet and nutrition. Your eating habits and what you put in your body contribute to your health. Only those who practice healthy habits deserve to be healthy. You can talk about freedom and eat junk food but the laws of nature will not permit a person to have good health while eating all sugar, junk food, and soda alone.

No matter how hard you visualize or pray, good health comes to those who deserve it – those who take care of their bodies. So eat the greens and fruits. Replace that soda with a fresh fruit juice. Take supplements that increase male sexual health and increase vitality such as Tongkat Ali, otherwise known as Eurycoma Longifolia, which is also an adaptogen that helps you fight stress. Native to Malaysian and Indonesian forests, the herb has gained popularity due to its benefits in increasing testosterone levels.

Incorporate almonds in your diet; they are rich in proteins, fiber, and vitamin E that are good for your skin, heart, and digestive system. Quinoa is also a rich source of protein that is essential for male health. Eggs could also be a great addition to muscle and male health since it is rich in choline. Beef and turkey are sources of meat that can give you protein. Beef is rich in muscle-building amino acids and is rich in B-vitamins. Broccoli and spinach are among the veggies that you can add to your diet to help improve your overall health since they are rich in vitamin C, iron, calcium, and fiber. Sweet potatoes, oatmeal, tomatoes, blueberries, and salmon are also additional food choices to include. And do not forget to decrease coffee intake as it might lower the nutrients you have in your body.


As you might notice, both major problems of men are caused by internal and external factors. The way we take care of ourselves plays a part with what happens to the body. And male health problems are no exception. You might have the best diet but if you neglect the stress that has been plaguing you over and over, it will eventually take a toll on your health. So be mindful of scaling these two major factors. A balance between your physiological health and psychological health can protect your masculinity and help you attain better male health. Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/relatedblogs.liquid

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