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“My husband has been taking your product. He is on his 3rd cycle of 10 days with 5 days off in between. He has been taking 3 pills every morning. We have seen improvement, but would like more so we thought he should start taking 6 pills per day. Do you recommend taking them all at once in the morning or twice a day? Also we would like to order more, we would appreciate any deal you might have for us. Thank You very much hope to hear from you soon.” – Trisha M

“Yes I have received my order of SD-200. Felt the effects with the very first capsule. I work out at the gym, feels like I’m getting more oxygen, helps me to lift more weight, my sex drive seem to have increased. This is only after 3 days of taking 2 capsules per day. I’m going to cycle 5 days on 2 days off. Gradually I’m going to increase to 4 capsules per day.” – Cecil, Texas, USA

“I would like to inform you that for six days I’m using SD-200 and I got a lot of change. I’m feeling more energetic, my libido has increased, and feeling of well being. Shortly I will order new shipment if you give good discount.” – Avadhut D

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