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A Summary of What AE-3 Does For You

AE-3 is an advance nutritional formula designed for the following purpose:

  • Inhibit aromatase (conversion of testosterone to estrogen)
  • Blocks SHBG binding to testosterone
  • Optimize estrogen levels

AE-3 comes in two bottles:

AE3 contains 500 mg of pure chrysin extract, combined with Bioperin to enhance bio-availability, to safely and effectively inhibit aromatase. It also contains stinging nettle roots to reduce binding of testosterone to SHBG. This serves to increase our free testosterone level which is the real hormonal gold that does the heavy lifting.

The last ingredient is DIM, which assists in keeping estrogen levels low to optimize testosterone production.

Together, you have the most powerful formula for keeping your free testosterone at optimum level.

You're Risk-Free with our 100% Percent Satisfaction Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied that AE-3 is the most powerful nutritional supplement to inhibit aromatase, block SHBG and eliminate excess estrogen, simply email us for a full refund. You'll get all your money back, no questions asked.

Sam Lee Harrison
Pure Science Supplements