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GH-2 is manufactured by Pure Science Supplements Pte. Ltd. We are a bio-technology research company based in Singapore, specializing in the research and application of herbs found within the lush tropical rainforests and highlands in the Asia Pacific.

SD-200 is our flagship product developed after 3 years of pain-staking research and development. It has received rave reviews from customers and their comments and testimonials can be read here. Now, we’re excited to release GH-2 which is a Horny Goat Weed supplement prepared from modern methodology design to mimic the traditional method of preparation that gave Horny Goat Weed its famous aphrodisiac quality. I highly encourage you to give GH-2 test-drive and get ready to be amazed at the result!

Also, we are here for you if you have any questions. My team and I will give you the support you need. If you have any concerns or questions, simply send us an email and we’ll get back to you within the shortest possible time.

You can reach us via email at:

If you would like to talk to me personally, I can be reached at I do read and response to all my emails.

Our Office Address is:

Pure Science Supplements Pte Ltd
50 Ubi Crescent
#01-08 Ubi Techpark
Singapore 408568


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Sam Lee Harrison
Pure Science Supplements Pte. Ltd.

PS: Remember, you are completely protected by our 100% risk-free guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So go ahead and place an order today!