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Horny Goat Weed is an amazing supplement, especially when it comes to improving libido levels. I suffer from low libido, especially since having my 3rd child almost 2 years ago. I researched different supplements that could potentially help my specific issue, and decided to give Horny Goat Weed a try. After trying this supplement, I noticed many changes within the first couple of days of using it. What I like about this specific supplement by Pure Science Supplements is that you only need 1 capsule (others I have researched and tried you needed at least 2). I like how fast I experienced more of a sex drive, and it improved more and more each day I took the supplement. I also was very impressed with how this supplement improved my energy levels. I often times only get a couple of hours of sleep each night, so having a supplement that can also target energy levels for me was fantastic! I also noticed that I was much less stressed out and less on edge as I was prior to taking this supplement. I have seen many amazing improvements after taking this supplement, and continue to take it every day! Happy couple right here just from this amazing supplement!

Becky Staples

Milton, WA

I've tried several of these types of products, and while some are better, this is pretty good. I've ordered from this company in the past and have been happy with all of their supplements. Beyond just improvements with sexual function, Horny Goat Weed has been proven to increase overall well-being. Taking this made me feel less stressed, gave me more energy, and in generally just made me feel better. But yeah, for me it worked for what is the main reason people take this. I don't suffer from ED, so I can't speak towards the effectiveness in people with chronic problems, but I would highly recommend this before taking a prescription medication with potentially harmful side effects. It's a subtle effect with no feeling like your heart is going too fast or nervousness or anything like that. This product uses all natural ingredients that have been used for centuries in different cultures to provide the desired results.

Josh and Monica

Raleigh, NC

I purchased this based on the reviews that I saw and I was hoping for similar results, I took this everyday and started to see great results, I was less stressed out, had a higher sex drive, and had an increase in my energy levels. In regards to the energy though, I'm not entirely sure if that was from this product since I was also taking Green Bean coffee extract at the same time. The days I took both I felt REALLY good though so I'm sure this contributed. I absolutely love this brand because of the simplicity of the packaging and they clearly state what you are taking. Most of the other brands focus so much on "cool" labeling that it makes me wonder if they're trying to overcompensate for the product. I've really liked this supplement so far and would be able to recommend it to anyone looking for those specific benefits.

Gulamabbas Mawji

Horny Goat Weed has been used for centuries in a number of different cultures as libido enhancers, aphrodisiacs, and to increase arousal.

I would like to start by saying that my partner and I have no problems in the bedroom, but we received a complementary bottle of this product to try, in exchange for our honest opinion. So if you are looking for help with actual problems in the bedroom, I can't speak to that. (Also, I would advise you to speak to your doctor first. You can always talk to them about using natural supplements like this!)

My partner and I decided to try this, mostly for fun - who doesn't like to spice things up a little, now and then? :) It definitely had an aphrodisiac effect for both of us. We have tried a number of different libido enhancers (because we review quite a few products), and I find that the ones with a combination of horny goatweed and maca root have more of an effect than just the horny goat weed.



I'll be honest, I have not tried the GH-2 pak without the Macali. And based on the results, I do not think I will. The combination of all three works great. In the past, similar products have had some serious side effect, particularly rapid heart beat. That is not the case with the GH-2. I will tell you it did not work right away, so I was concerned that it was just another come on, but I continued to take the recommended usage and apparently my body "loaded" and all is well. Now, I take it every few days to keep my levels up and it still works like magic. I will continue to use and endorse this product.