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What Makes SD-200 Different?

Tongkat Ali is a miraculous herb that is popular for its benefits to males across the globe. It is especially popular for its sexual performance enhancing abilities. The extract is taken from the root, which is then encapsulated to be consumed.

However, the results are dependent on the potency of the Tongkat Ali extract. Not every brand manufactures pure and potent Tongkat Ali products and it is only wise to choose the most premium brand to obtain the best results.

Highest Potency in the Market

The Tongkat Ali supplement by SD-200 is undoubtedly the premium brand you should be opting for. The effectiveness of Tongkat Ali from this brand is unmatched. SD-200 uses pure and potent Tongkat Ali roots from the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia.

The strength of SD-200, as the name suggests, is 1:200 as compared to other brands that offer the strength of only 1:100. Moreover, SD-200 provides the highest dosage among all other brands. With each capsule containing 400 grams, only two capsules taken once a day suffice for best results. 

This natural supplement will boost your libido as you grow older without giving you the agony of side effects. SD-200 Tongkat Ali capsules are the best to maintain skeletal muscles, lose unnecessary fat, and boost energy levels and overall strength besides just helping with sexual performance.

Cutting Age Innovation

SD-200 uses low-heat extraction technology to extract the maximum active and potent ingredients from the Tongkat Ali root. All Tongkat Ali products under SD-200 go through rigorous quality testing before being refined into the final product.

The brand leaves no room for compromise and ensures that it remains the premium brand for Tongkat Ali products. SD-200 is the epitome of quality and service to its esteemed customers which makes it stand out among other brands.

There will always be brands that offer Tongkat Ali at a much lesser price but beware of those brands that do not provide proper information on their labels. SD-200 Tongkat Ali supplements are made from the original extract of Sumatra and not from the Malaysian region. Malaysian Tongkat Ali has very high lead content and is not safe to be consumed.

The SD-200 Tongkat Ali Extract Difference

Any brand that claims that the Tongkat Ali supplements are made of extracts from Malaysia are not trustworthy and these products should definitely not be purchased. SD-200 takes care of all the safety standards before sending the final Tongkat Ali product to you.

With so many processes in place, this potent Tongkat Ali supplement from SD-200 is reliable and can be trusted for long term use. SD-200 is a premium brand providing pure and potent Tongkat Ali products of high end quality, making it the very first choice of every customer who wishes to buy a quality product and see consistent results.

SD-200 - Nature's Most Potent Aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster

  • Higher Sex Drive & Libido
  • Longer, Harder & Spontaneous Erection
  • Increase in Muscle Mass & Strength
  • Boost Your Energy & Vitality