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Why is it important to consume the right Tongkat Ali Dosage?

Tongkat Ali is the best natural extract that has been bestowed upon mankind. It is one of the safest natural remedies for a man’s number one problem, erectile dysfunction. It also helps boost your core strength in many ways by increasing your testosterone levels and enhancing semen quality.

It also does wonders in strengthening your skeletal muscles and taking away all the fatigue you may have during the day. With minimal to no side effects Tongkat Ali extract is a boon to the male population across the globe and has shown extremely promising results. If taken regularly, it has the power to totally transform your life for the better.

Cycling your Tongkat Ali Dosage

The Tongkat Ali dosage is dependent on the product’s potency and also on the purpose for which it is being consumed. SD-200 Tongkat Ali provides you with premium and highly potent supplements. The best ways to consume the product is in cycles as opposed to taking them every day without breaks.

For this, the 5 days on and 2 days off cycle work the best results. If you are not comfortable with this, then you can also opt for a 10 days on and 5 days off cycle.

You need to ensure that whatever cycle you are on; you maintain the same for best results and effects of Tongkat Ali. If you change cycles often, the result will not be as expected and may even take longer than usual.

Stick to one cycle and follow the same for as long as you wish to. SD-200 Tongkat Ali supplements are in the 1:200 ratio concentrations which mean 200 grams of Tongkat Ali root produces 1 gram of the extract. SD-200 is extracted to the highest possible dosage at 200:1, making it the Tongkat Ali with the highest potency on the market

Since only old roots contain the secondary bioactive metabolites, the roots that are 10 years old or older are used in SD-200 capsule production which makes it extremely potent. SD-200 is known to produce only high quality Tongkat Ali supplements. They are premium manufacturers of these high potency capsules and hence, demand a premium price.

Optimum Tongkat Ali Dosage

Suggested dosage of Tongkat Ali supplement capsules is as follows:

  • 800 mg per day – This means two capsules of 400 mg each are to be consumed once a day.
  • If 800mg capsules result in sleeplessness, reduce the dose to 400mg per day which means just one Tongkat Ali capsule per day.

For best results continue taking the 800mg or 400mg Tongkat Ali capsules once a day, choosing any one of the cycles mentioned previously. This miraculous healing herb has proven itself time and again in boosting male sexual performance.

SD-200 offers you the top notch quality and highest potency of this wondrous herb from Indonesia that will change your life. With so many benefits surrounding the SD-200 capsules, there is no reason to not have this and gain all the stamina you only dreamed of once upon a time.

Also known to increase muscle mass, this natural supplement is a must have product for athletes since it has no side effects and is completely natural as opposed to steroids. Order your SD-200 capsules now to regain your lost confidence and enhance your life.

SD-200 - Nature's Most Potent Aphrodisiac and Testosterone Booster

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